What are Unlisted Shares?

Pre-IPO or the unlisted shares are equity shares of a company, which is yet to go public..

Low IPO Allotments due to oversubscription
Retail Investment Opportunity in the ultra-growth stage of a company
Maximum Value Unlocking in a limited time

Company performance track
Execution capabilities of company’s management
Period of investment
Procurement price of the shares

The shares are in Demat Form. Unlisted holdings are stored in CDSL or NSDL demat accounts.

Pre IPO: Investopia is a complete Bazaar. We give you the option to sell it back to us as well.
Post IPO: After the 6 months lock-in period, shareholder can sell the shares usually as in case of any listed holding.

As per SEBI guidelines, If a company goes public, through the IPO route, all the Pre-IPO holdings are locked in the demat accounts of shareholders for a period of 6 months.

YES! If a company decides any such proceeding, shareholder will be eligible for same.



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